Onwards & Upwards: Avoiding Start-Again effects to promote Continuity in Communicative Competencies
GESE 5-7 - CEFR B1-B2 and ISE I - CEFR B1

Perugia 03/12/2018
dalle 14:00 alle 18:30

ITET Aldo Capitini

Viale Centova, 4 - 06128 Perugia (PG)


Docente di lingua inglese


The workshop is aimed at scuola secondaria di I e II grado teachers who prepare for Trinity exams which test Speaking and Interactive Listening at GESE Grades 5, 6, 7 (CEFR levels B1-B2) and/or for the Trinity ISE I exam (CEFR level B1).
Language learning is most efficient if students continue the studies they have already begun. To avoid start again effects, this workshop will address the challenges of building a broader repertoire of teaching strategies that are stimulating and practical to ensure autonomy and continuity of learning especially for adolescents and young adults.
Since oral competencies play a vital role, as English language teachers we must value these competencies and ensure that students continue to develop them throughout their learning journey. In addition, we will discuss strategies to maximise learner autonomy and share activities aimed at building transferable skills required for academic study and employability.
The graded system of the GESE exams provides a motivational tool, which encourages teachers to develop personalised learning pathways for their students. Each student may at some point in their language learning journey want to demonstrate their ability to communicate effectively using all the 4 skills, this is why we will also be looking at the opportunities offered by the ISE examination and how students can build their ISE qualification over time, through its modular approach.
This new workshop format involves teachers working in small groups to discuss how learners make progress at different rates and how teachers can ensure every learner reaches their maximum potential in communicating in English.
Take away resources will be made available to all teachers attending this workshop.

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La partecipazione è gratuita. Il workshop è a numero chiuso e l'iscrizione online è obbligatoria. BCELT, Trinity College London - Italian Co-ordinator è un Ente accreditato dal MIUR per la formazione (Decreto 27.01.2001 confermato con Decreto 05.07.2005 ed adeguato alla Direttiva 170/2016).
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