Trinity College London Examinations and PON projects 2014/20

On 31st  January the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) presented the ten-action plan funded by PON per la Scuola (PON for Schools).

L’Avviso Quadro issued on the same date, illustrates the actions which can be funded by the PON for Schools Programme. With regards to foreign languages, the plan provides for language development courses focused mainly on enhancing speaking skills and which can also be aimed at certification of language competence.

The picture above shows the Avvisi PON which include foreign language training.

All the instructions for submitting projects are in the ministerial documents published and updated on the MIUR website
Schools can include language examinations in their projects, choosing the type and level according to the project aims, bearing in mind that the Avviso Quadro encourages the improvement of students' oral skills.
Only for projects that include courses abroad (Cittadinanza Europea and Alternanza Scuola Lavoro) are there specified levels. Students wishing to attend a course or take part in a working experience abroad need to be at least at a B1 level, and if they wish to take a further language exam after the course abroad, it needs to be at level B2 or above.

Why choose Trinity?

The Avvisi specify that  language certificates have to be issued by one of the examination boards included in the list issued by the ‘Direttore della Direzione generale per il personale scolastico, prot. n. 118 of 28th February 2017’ .

Trinity  College London has been on this list from the very beginning and therefore Trinity GESE and ISE examinations can be included in PON projects.

The examinations can be taken directly in Italy at the school submitting the project, or in the UK, Ireland and Malta at an authorized Trinity College London exam centre.

For many years the Italian support team has been working with hundreds of schools which have chosen to include English language examinations in their PON projects. The experience gained has led to  the creation of a specific support programme for all the schools which intend to use Trinity exams to certify English language competence in PON projects.

Trinity is an exam board specializing in communication skills, and offers a wide choice of exams which assess real-life communicative skills, involving each individual student, respecting their personal learning style and encouraging the innovative didactics mentioned in the Avviso Quadro, from  problem solving to role playing, from debating to presentation skills and creative writing.

To learn more you visit PNNR e progetti PON-POR .

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