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Online 19/10/2022
dalle 10:30 alle 11:30

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Join us for an introductory webinar about the English qualifications by Trinity college London including

Flexibility: Digital exam sessions via video-conferencing with the same rigorous security levels provide greater returns for you and the possibility to run exam sessions throughout the year even with small candidate numbers!

Inclusivity: with 12 available grades for the Trinity Graded Examination in Spoken English, you can offer the right level of certification for each student, even within the same exam session!

Recognition: Trinity English exams are recognised by 3500 Italian University degrees courses, public concorsi and by a multitude of companies in the professional sector.

Teacher qualifications: Not only TESOL Qualifications, but Trinity ISE exams are recognised for admission to CLIL training courses for School teachers and payable with the Carta del Docente.

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