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Based on theoretical insights and our own teaching experiences, this highly interactive webinar will provide participants with teaching ideas and suggestions on how to plan and manage a reading skills lessons to good effect.
During the webinar we will aim at:
• Providing a brief overview of ways that teachers can effectively activate and develop learners’ reading skills in the EFL Classroom.
• Discussing some key components that make for successful reading skills activities.
• Leading teachers in some demonstration activities involving different approaches and task types to engage students both affectively and intellectually and challenge them to think.
• Focusing on the skills and sub-skills requisite for communicative competence. The session will demonstrate how these skill sets are referenced in Trinity’s GESE and ISE exam suites and how the development of such skills can also benefit learners preparing for the INVALSI test.
• Sharing materials and resources, which will ensure success of the session over the long term.
Consideration will also be given to the dangers of teaching to the test and the notion that learner outcomes can be enhanced through reading skills and sub-skills development with specific reference to promoting positive backwash.
Let’s explore … !

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La partecipazione è gratuita. Il webinar è a numero chiuso e l'iscrizione online è obbligatoria. BCELT, Trinity College London - Italian Co-ordinator è un Ente accreditato dal MIUR per la formazione (Decreto 27.01.2001 confermato con Decreto 05.07.2005 ed adeguato alla Direttiva 170/2016).
E' previsto l'esonero dall'insegnamento secondo la normativa vigente.

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